IDERD Permanent Steering Committee

Purpose of the Committee

The Permanent Steering Committee of the “Spatial Data Infrastructure of the Dominican Republic” (Comité Coordinador Permanente de la IDERD: CCP-IDERD) aims to promote and coordinate the development, exchange and use of spatial data and information services among all levels of government, private sector, non-profit and international organizations, academic institutions and research.

The Permanent Steering Committee consists of representatives of the ministries that make up the Directing Council of the José Joaquín Hungarian Morell National Geographical Institute, as well as representatives of bodies involved in the various management processes geographic information.

The CCPIDE-RD is made up of the following institutions

Director of the National Geographic Institute jose joaquin Hungría Morell, who presides over it or whoever he delegates.

Ministry of Economy, Planning and Development (Chairman of the Board of Directors)

Ministry of Defence (member of the Board of Trustees)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (member of the Board of Trustees)

Ministry of Finance (member of the Board of Trustees)

Ministry of Agriculture

Ministry of Public Works and Communications

National Statistical Office

National Geological Survey

National Institute of Hydraulic Resources

General Directorate of National Cadastre

Military Cartographic Institute

University Geographic Institute

National Institute of Drinking Water and Sewage Systems

Dominican Federation of Municipalities

Dominican Municipal League

Single Beneficiary System

Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources